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Subject wise distribution of interview questions and answers: (Instant Download)

Interview Question Category No. of Questions with Answers
Java & J2EE Interview Questions & Answers

Includes EJB, Java, JDBC, JMS, JSP, Servlet and Struts Interview Questions with Answers

ASP .NET, ASP, C#, VB, .Net Interview Questions & Answers

Includes ASP .NET, C#, ADO .NET, .NET Architecture, ASP, DataGrid, Dot Net Basics, VB .Net and VB Interview Questions with Answers

Programming Languages Interview Questions & Answers

Includes C, C++, Perl, PHP, VBA and XML Interview Questions with Answers

Software Testing Interview Questions & Answers

Includes Common Testing Techniques, Software Testing, Bug Tracking, Database Testing, Product Testing, Quality Assurance Testing, Test Cases, Testing Basics, Testing Discussion and Scenarios, Web Testing, Whitebox Testing and Wireless Testing Interview Questions with Answers

Oracle Interview Questions & Answers

Includes Backup & Recovery, DB Concepts & Architecture, Data Access, Database Administration, Database Security, Distributed Processing, Oracle, Memory Management , ONT, Oracle Architecture, Oracle Forms 3.0 and 4.0, PL-SQL, SQL Plus, Programming Constructs, Scenarios and SQL in Oracle Interview Questions with Answers

Data Warehousing & Database Interview Questions & Answers

Includes Abinitio, Analysis Services, BO Designer, Business Intelligence, Business Objects, Cognos, Data Warehousing concepts & basics, DataStage, ETL, Informatica, MicroStrategy, ReportNet Interview Questions with Answers

HR & General Interview Questions & Answers

Includes Career Goals, Company Knowledge, Creativity, Decisiveness, Flexibility, HR, Candidate Interests, Job Performance, Leadership, Motivation, Salary, Self Assessment, Self Worthiness, Skills, Tough Questions, Warm-up and Work History Interview Questions with Answers 

Networking Interview Questions & Answers

Includes Client Server Computing, Computer Networks, Networks and Security Interview Questions with Answers

Operating System Interview Questions & Answers

Includes Linux, *nix Shell, Solaris, Unix, Unix Commands, Unix Programming and Windows Interview Questions with Answers

Peoplesoft Interview Questions & Answers

Includes Component Interface, PeopleCode, PeopleTools, PS Admin, PS Mixed and SQR Interview Questions with Answers

SAP R-3 Interview Questions & Answers

Includes ABAP, BDC, SAP DB, SAP Internal Tables, SAP Modules and SAP Reports Interview Questions with Answers

Siebel Interview Questions & Answers

Includes Siebel General and Siebel Realtime Interview Questions with Answers

Mainframe Interview Questions & Answers

Includes COBOL, DB2, IDMS, JCL & VSAM Interview Questions with Answers

Quantative Interview Questions & Answers 89
Oracle Apps Interview Questions

Includes AOL, AR, Developer 2000 (D2K), Flexfields, GL, ONT, Oracle Apps Basics, Oracle Apps Security, Oracle Forms, Oracle Apps Scope & Application Interview Questions with Answers

Telecommunications Interview Questions & Answers 18
8085 Interview Questions & Answers 41
AJAX and JavaScript Interview Questions & Answers  8
Finance & Accounting Interview Questions & Answers

Includes Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivables, Audit, Cashier, Cost Accounting, Fixed Assets, Payroll and Supervisory Interview Questions with Answers


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If you still have some doubts, let's take a quick look at some of the most common FAQs.

1. How much content is there in the Interview Success Kit? There are 4,700 pages in the main ebook, which are nicely categorized so that you can easily browse through the questions. The overall content is 128 MB, which is zipped as an executable in a 12 MB file. The bonuses account for more than 10 MB of content, with thousands of pages.

2. Are these questions useful only as Interview Questions? No. These are the questions that are asked in Viva also. So, the same eBook will help you in your college studies and job too! Also, those who are interested in knowledge building, it is an ideal resource for them.

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5. What if I am not able to download the kit in the first attempt?
The link that we send you for downloading the kit doesnít expire. You can download the kit any number of times.

6. What software I need to run the kit? You donít need any software for running this Kit, except Windows. The kit comes as an exe file. Just double click to open the kit and read it!

7. I have a query which is not solved here. What should I do?
We would like to clarify your doubts and get in touch with you regarding this Interview Success Kit. Please drop us a mail at "info AT vyom DOT co DOT in" and we will reply immediately.

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